ME IRL!!!! X3



This page is about my selfsona, literally just how I see myself in my head. Can still technically be called an OC though, as I like using the metaphor of "me being my own OC" because I created myself the way I am now (and I am also literally cartoonkin). Needless to say, refer to this "character" the same way you refer to me, but for the sake of this page, I will mostly be referring to it in third person so its easier to write (and probably also read XD).

A semi-abstract life form that resides in the Daizyverze, and is also the creator of it. He is a shapeshifter and can be literally anything within the Univerze, but most often takes the form of a winged cat, specifically a ruddy Somali cat with green eyes. Other notable forms are those of a blue 2012 Furby, a pegasus pony, and a short-haired golden agouti guinea pig (for those who also care about those details - I used to be a HUGE guinea pig nerd XD), anthro or non-anthro versions of the animals alike, and sometimes also a human. He likes to wear a bunch of accessories, such as kandi bracelets, fingerless gloves, and a collar with the FurReal Friends Daisy pendant on it (I have all of those irl too btw!!!!). The light green color on his hair/fur appears whenever she is using her powers, but he can also make it appear at will. Oh yeah, powers. He has "reality-bending" powers, but technically, it being able to do anything already is a law of the Daizyverze, therefore its reality, because this Univerze simply just operates on nonsensical imaginary cartoon logic...whatever. Either way, Daizy can basically do anything. Apart from random powers, it also has every elemental power ever. Yeah, do not act like YOU would not give yourself epic Mary Sue superpowers if you had the ability to do anything you can imagine XD!!!! (You too can indeed use your imagination however you want btw. And no one can stop you!!!!) Anyways. Joel can also create random structures out of thin air, be it actual objects/places/beings or just abstract material. He likes to create some of the patterns and colors/textures she sees while listening to music (fun fact, actually multiple of my OCs have this ability, its based off of how I experience my visual synesthesia - and how I wish I could properly visualise or animate it bc it looks cool XD - so I also decided to give that ability to all of my OCs that have synesthesia, though it slightly differs for each of them bc you know unique experiences and stuff). Anywayz back to Daizy!!!! Apart from all those Daizyverze stuff, I dont think I need 2 explain his personality, bc its just me. Switching to talking in first person again bc it would not get confusing from here. I like hanging out with my friends (real AND imaginary), making art, listeninng to music, and of course also RUNNING AROUND AND HAVING FUN AND BEING HYPERACTIVE AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

Cat form

Human form

Furby form

Guinea pig form

Pony form