OCs that I frequently imagine myself interacting with, they are basically my imaginary friends. Theyre like my companions in the Daizyverze. All of them are also based off of real people or things XD



Oh boy theres a LOT of stuff to say about him. First off, he is actually a real Furby that I have, he is "just" a basic blue 2012 Famosa plush, but not actually bc he means the world to me and no other identical plush could ever replace him!!!! The real life toy is my main comfort item that I almost always carry around in my backpack, and cant fall asleep without at night lol. I have had him since February 2020, when my Furby obsession first started. Because of that, I sometimes call him "The February Furby", as coincidentially I also see the month of February as a light blue color similar to his fur color (due to my synesthesia). Aside from being my companion/sidekick, hes also got his own life, and a very busy one at that, he is a DJ and a vlogger (I used to make actual parody "vlog" videos with him back in spring 2020 during lockdown, I still have them!!!!). He also lives in an epic mansion with multiple of each room (e.g. 4 living rooms) bc I once randomly made that up on the spot back in the day and I think its funny so Im keeping it as a canon fact X3 Hes also got two siblings (who also exist irl ofc), an older sister (yellow 2012 Famosa plush named Way-Doo) and a younger twin brother named Way-Boh (almost identical but a bit taller and as an irl plush, less worn off). He has a wife named Bee-Boo, she is a magenta 2012 Furby plush that moves and talks (shes one of those robotic fake Famosa plushies), and theyve got two kids together. His family also obviously lives in his house, and he also lets a bunch of his friends live there as theres enough room for everyfurby!!!! (All of those Furbys are ones we have irl ofc!!!!) Oh and personality-wise, Way-Boo is kinda like a more extroverted version of me XD He also knows a lot about the Daizyverze, some of which even I might not know (he has a hobby of exploring obscure places, at one point he even built underground catacombs for himself to use XD). This is symbolic of the fact that back in 2020, when I would talk as him and pretend to adress myself in third person, it did help me discover some stuff about how I saw myself. Basically, Way-Boo sort of helped me break free of the roles and expectations other people. Idc if hes just a plushie, I love this dude so much :,D