The Copycats are residents of the Daizyverze and represent everyone I talk to in my thoughts, either random nonexistent people or just imaginary versions of my real friends. In the latter case, they take the form of them or their sonas. They can be also placeholders for OCs that I havent come up with yet (kinda representing teh infinite potential of my imagination X3), whenever I make a new character/imaginary friend/etc. a random Copycat permanently takes the form, personality, everything of said character, literally just becoming them.. The Copycats default form is the same for all of them, a neon green cat (resembling me) with the same collar that I have (a blue one with a FurReal Friends Daisy heart on it). Also haha get it theyre called Copycats because theyre cats and copies of people XD

Evil Copycats

The Evil Copycats, also know as Parazites, represent any kind of negativity that gets into my head. Thankfully, those are mostly a thing of the past, as nowadays its usually easy for me to fight off negativity with something positive. That is respresented with the Evil Copycats turning into regular ones. Their appearance is already similar, except they are gray, have no wings, and dont have the Daisy collar either.