HI!!!!!!!!!! X3

Heres a bunch of random stuff about me (yes I am like this irl too XD)!!!!

My names are Joel, Daizy, and Furby (use them however you want X3c)!!!! Im a real-life cartoon animal, my own Mary Sue OC, a weird guy, a multimedia artist, and more - Im a person with lot of things going on, and I wont really fit into any box you try to put me into. I dont have a gender but I mostly call myself a guy bc the word just sounds cool to me XD but Im okay with being called other stuff too. I mostly refer to myself with he/him and it/its pronouns, but again, I dont mind any other ones either. My age is none of your business, but its likely that Im older than you think lol. I can speak/understand Slovak and Czech, but I mostly prefer speaking English online, as Im just more used to expressing my thoughts in this language. I am also learning Furbish for fun XD

I am openly neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, synesthesia and OSDD-1, possibly other stuff), sometimes I post about my experiences online but I mostly just exist while I happen to show those traits. In terms of autism, I post about my special interests almost every day so that is definitely obvious. As for my dissociative disorder, my alters use most of my accounts too (including this website). We consider ourselves to be different parts of one person, none of us are more or less "real" or important than the others. I am okay with being referred to as either multiple or just one person (personally we go back and forth between both), as long as all parts of me are being treated equally, thats all.

I believe in the Three Laws of Fandom, and am unapologetically pro-self-expression, freedom of fiction, and stricly against harrassment of any kind. I spent about two years in some very hateful and judgemental online circles that negatively impacted my mental health for a while, and the thing that helped me get out of that was music RPF - more specifically, Skrillmau5. The EDM Fandom played a big part in saving my life, and I met some of my best friends through it!!!! Needless to say, Skrillmau5 is my OTP :D

I never do anything "for nostalgia" just bc I dont follow trends, I live for today, for myself and the people who happen to like what I do too!!!! As for WHAT I do, I of course love drawing cartoons and making up original characters (probably my biggest passion, at least right now), I also make music (currently on a semi-hiatus from that, mainly due to "rebranding", though never had a "brand" in the first place lol), sometimes I even write (primarily crossover RPF fanfic XD), and this website is obviously also quite a big project of mine (I dont really do programming outside of it, though. I just learned the basics of HTML specifically for this lol). Aside from the stuff I create myself, I might also be somewhat known for...


This is my website so I can brag about all the times I inevitably changed the future because if I learned anything from the past 6 years its that even the most random things can trigger a huge chain reaction that changes your entire life going forward (me accidentally stumbling upon With or Without Fur in 2018 is the reason for everything I am and do now XD) so like it or not I have in some way affected the world you all live in oooooo scary am I right XD !!!!

I am responsible for the existence of the Furby Lamp music video by With or Without Fur. I requested the song to be posted back in like 2020 and she actually posted it shortly after wow o_O !!!! If you happen to be a WoWF fan as well (HI UR COOL!!?!) and you liked the music from the Furby Lamp videos, you can listen to the full version thanks to ME!!!!

Im the only person to publicly share the rare music from the 2014 FurReal Friends GoGo app which was pretty much lost media for a while. However, the credit for finding those files fully goes to my friend Skrillien, who was able to find them for me in literally a few hours!!!! I dont think my youtube uploads of it are ever gonna get taken down but just in case, here is a link to all of the apps audio files (containing a few bonus sound effects and variations of the tracks so if youre really interested in that app you should check it out anyways!!!!). I was able to download the app itself but it (unsurprisingly) does not work on newer devices, so unfortunately I cant do anything about the rest of the app. Other people have posted some playthrough videos tho so at least its not completely lost.



My "selfsona", or just a representation of how I look in my head. It has multiple forms (and species), but I mostly draw it as a winged cat (anthro or feral). I will absolutely NEVER show my face on the internet publicly so this is the closest to a "face reveal" yall get XD