All of my OCs (though some havent been added yet), they all live in the Daizyverze (aka in my head) X3 Over a half of these characters I have had since 2020 bc everything I made in summer of that year means a lot to me, so ofc I still use most of the characters from that time XD. Fan characters I made based off of existing media/people have their own separate page. For the "character" that represents me (actually is just me irl), go to this page.



My old Furbysona, or could even say selfsona because he was LITERALLY ME!!!! Nowadays its more of just an OC and does not represent me but I still love her nonetheless. Originally He was supposed to be just a teal Furby Connect, but later its design evolved to be a bit different from how I would draw other teal Furby Connects, even though at first ot was more of just a stylistic choice.



A 2012 Furby. He is NOT me, he was never my sona and I created him almost a year before I started going by Joel XD I actually got the name from him, but also from deadmau5 bc this Furby was named after him, and originally he was supposed to be basically deadmau5 as a Furby but ended up being a combination of deadmau5 and the actual 2012 Furby "evil" personality. He likes Minecraft (duh, he wears a creeper hat), coding, idk similar computer stuff probably, and is best friends with Noo-Bay and Woody!!!!



An object OC from back when I was in the Object Show Community. I mostly had a bad time there but the OCs and shows were fun. So anyways. This is Woody, he has nothing to do with the BFB character aside from having the same name because duh theyre the same type of object and thats how object show names work XD He is a wood slab if you havent figured that out yet. He was basically Noo-Bays companion/sidekick. Also his "paws" are optional, he can just have regular object show limbs XD

Ay-Koo and Noo-Loo

One of my fav OCs ever, love them sm ^w^ They met at an EDM festival/party/something like that many years ago, and became best friends (and later also girlfriends) after that. I dont think I will ever give them any super specific story, theyre just living their lives thats it ^w^



Ay-Koo is a 2012 Furby that makes the more "mainstream" kind of Progressive House. His name means "Diamond" in Furbish. Her design was heavily inspired by the Orangutan Furby, though there are a few noticeable differences such as the inverted tail colors. I considered him as my "secondary main OC" for some time, now shes just an OC but still kinda personal to me. At one point, I would project my depression onto him, which is why I later decided to project my recovery from depression onto him as well, therefore both him and Noo-Loo kinda represent all the good things that happened to me, which is a part of the reason why they mean so much to me ^w^ As for Ay-Koos personality, shes very introverted, but loves hanging out with and talking to people he feels comfortable around (shes literally just like me in this aspect XD). Oh also, I mostly associate him with the song "Dear Boy" by Avicii.



Noo-Loo is a 2012 Furby (not inspired by any specific existing color variant) that makes dubstep (mostly riddim-ish but also likes every other type of dubstep). Her name means "Happy" in Furbish. She used to wear a mask onstage, but later retired that gag as she became more confident in herself, mainly thanks to Ay-Koo. She has a very extroverted (and at times hyperactive) personality and is generally fun to be around. I mostly associate her with the song "Fearless" by Said.



An undead Furby, not much is known about it from since it died, including how it died, but Ay-Koo knew it personally back when it was alive. Its got several injuries, presumably caused by the same thing that killed it. Most likely a murder. But whatever did it was also nice enough to give it bandages, so its truly a strange case. Kira itself is not dangerous in any way, usually being scared of most living things, so residents of the town are advised to just let it be. It does seem to be fond of a few residents though, mainly other Furbys such as Ay-Koo himself.



A gamer Furby that dresses like deadmau5 bc ofc he does XD Her name means "Fun" in Furbish and theyre good friends with Ay-Koo and Noo-Loo.



An odd guy I randomly came up with one day (in summer of 2020 ofc XD), hes a hybrid of a Furby and an Object Show character. It can make a bunch of different facial expressions, mostly emoticons. Also theres apparently going to be an official Furby thing named Furble. Hasbro owes me 40000 bucks lol. Jk ofc, its obviously a coincidence XD



One of my very first Furby OCs. Design-wise, he is basically just a Husky 1998 Furby, with a notable design quirk being that his right pupil is larger than his left one. He is also a little bit cross-eyed. Personality-wise, he is kinda like a combination of Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but also a cartoony exaggeration the (already cartoony) hyperactive side of my own personality. He enjoys techno music, especially fast and loud hardcore techno and its subgenres.



A fantasy winter-themed dog (+ fennec fox hybrid maybe?? idk) with ice powers that doesnt actually live in any snowy places at all. He lives on the streets of the town where most of my characters live. If he could use the internet, he would definitely be obsessed with the song "Bangarang" by Skrillex. To be honest, he would probably also be heavily involved in the EDM Fandom in general, if he had access to the internet. But he does not. So he usually just walks around all day, going on adventures and causing mischief. I always liked animating him a lot, he was pretty much designed with the intent of being easy to animate (thats why his ears are just sort of behind his head XD).



A dog that lives on the same streets as Freddie. His elemental power is wind. Shoutout to Kamila for coming up with the name, its supposed to be a reference to Garten Of BanBan which is rlly funny XD. Anyways, this guy is obsessed with Freddie, they often follow him around. Freddie sometimes finds it annoying but is ok with it for the most part. He understands that Jester has trouble finding friends so he sometimes lets him go on adventures with him.



Freddies brother and rival. Hes got dark shadow powers, similar to Freddies ice powers. The red stuff around his mouth is not blood, just fur markings. Well, mostly. Hes definitely not above actually killing someone, as is probably obvious from his design alone XD. Hes somehow even more edgy than most of my other OCs. Good thing hes actually his own character now tho, he used to be just a very lame and lazy recolor of Freddie. They obviously still look very similar but I finally put actual effort into designing this guy XD


A series of sentient robots created for an experiment with making robots a part of society or something. Their designs were mainly inspired by Mau5borg (a classic EDM Fandom trope) and FurReal Friends Daisy without fur.



First fully-functional prototype of the robots, and oh boy is it obvious. Something went horribly wrong, and now she is an agressive murderer. The fact that her "fingers" are basically just blades makes it very easy for her to kill. She buries her victims in the backyard of the abandoned house near the woods that she lives in, and after killing someone, she always wears their clothes. If this reminds you of Tara the android, specifically the I Feel Fantastic creepypasta (which is NOT a true story btw, cant believe some ppl actually still believe that shit lmfao) then youre right, this character was heavily inspired by it!!!! By the way, Tara does not kill people unprovoked, but there was one exception to this: Kira. At one point, there was an outbreak of a sort of materialized computer virus (most likely created by the same team of scientists that created the Glitchbys) that posessed a bunch of robotic or partially robotic creatures, mostly Glitchbys and Furby Connects, but while the other robots have antivirus programs installed in them, Tara does not. The virus caused her to kill Kira against her will, but she managed to get rid of it by giving Kira a part of her life force (thats how it became a zombie), which destroyed the virus as transferring it to a fully organic life form will destroy it. Tara then gave Kira the bandages, which allowed its sliced neck, tail and arm to heal just enough to remain attached to its body.



The younger sister of Tara. Despite being pretty much polar opposites of each other, they get along well (Sam keeps Tara a secret tho, ofc). After what happened with Tara, Sam (and every other robot afterwards as well) was built with parts that arent potential murder tools, most notably, the blade-like fingers had been replaced with dull, plastic ones. Sam was a successful unit, she acts like an average person, is very social, even goes to school, and also she enjoys modern dubstep music because ofc she does what do you expect pretty much all my 2020 OCs love dubstep XD



His name was supposed to be a male version of my guinea pigs name, Ximy. Nothing much to him as a character, he is just an average guy, and apparently has a crush on Sam or whatever lol.


Glitchbys ("glitchy" + "Furbys") were an "original species" that I had in 2020, I dont rlly consider the concept original at all now but theyre cool and fun to make so I still use the term. If you get inspired by those to make an OC and call it a "Glitchby", you absolutely can!!!! The only requirement is that they have to be technology or science-related in a way that actual, regular robotic Furbys are not. There are also half-Glitchbys, which became Glitchbys later in life instead of being born/created as ones. The current lore for them is that they were originally artifically created (modified in the case of half-Glitchbys) but they also carry a Glitchby gene so their offspring can be naturally born/hatched Glitchbys XD

In order from left to right, top row to bottom row:



The first Glitchby ever created, both in canon and in real life. He is basically just a Plum Fairy 2012 Furby, but with a missing left ear and very glitchy eyes (and, by extension, software). His eyes normally look like regular 2012 Furby eyes (specifically of the Default personality), but they tend to glitch out at random, giving him the ones seen on the picture. His Furby parents were given the Glitchby gene before he was "born" (hatched) as an experiment or whatever idk XD



A robotic (fully artifically created) circuitboard-themed Glitchby. Their mouth cannot move, but his eyes are screens that can display different symbols to express emotions (e.g. exclaimation marks when theyre scared or alarmed, Xs when theyre shocked/tired, etc.). He recharges by plugging into an electrical outlet. Their battery can last for over a week. Also he really enjoys electro house music thats fun a fact I guess.



Originally, his name was Flash, but in 2023, I renamed it to Discord (after the My Little Pony character, not the app XD). Discord is basically a charger. It has unlimited amount of electricity inside it, and can charge any device (phones, tablets, etc.) with its tail - as long as the devices are compatible with the charger. His left eye is literally just a screen (similar to the 2012 Furbys eyes), but its right eye seems to be more "organic".



Speaker is a literal speaker that can play music. Its insides are 50% organic (blood and some organs) and 50% technologic (wires and circuit boards, etc.). His tail is an aux cord that he can plug into phones, computers, mp3 players, etc. and its ears are speakers - he can only hear what is being played in them. He is obsessed with electronic music, especially dubstep, and I originally created him (with a different design) in May 2023, as sort of a celebration of me getting back into the EDM Fandom and similar things I used to like before falling into depression and the awful online circles I was in in 2021 up to early 2023. The current design was made in August 2023. Speaker is one of my Furbysonas (or a Glitchbysona bc why not make that a thing X3) and sort of a "mascot" if I had one (besides my selfsona) - its literally an EDM Furby, represents the name electronicfurbymusic perfectly XD



Day-Koh was the first half-Glitchby (not canonically, just the first OC to be called one). She is a black Furby Connect (which was apparently an actual prototype, woah I predicted it XD nice) with a broken antenna. She has heterochromia as a result of their eye screens(??) being damaged after the antenna broke off (dont question how could that change its eye colors, logic doesnt apply to edgy Furby OCs XD) and they also have afew scars from getting into fights, proably with some monsters or whatever because she spent a lot of time near a wasteland-like area, studying the odd specimen that lived there - Glitchbys. He ended up saving a bunch of various Furby creatures from unethical experiments, finding most of them a new place to live, with a few of them staying with her. They now travel the world, helping Furbys along the way.



As of now, the newest of my Glitchby OCs. It is a Furby Connect-ish, numbers station-themed Glitchby. Her name was mainly inspired by this recording, but is also kinda a reference to the velociraptor with the same name from Jurassic World bc my sister likes the movies a lot and she told me about them X3 (hi Kamila!!!!). Echo can tune into any radio station and play the audio from them, the waves in their eyes work as a visualizer for the waves. He was created in an experiment



A mutated radioactive half-Glitchby. It lived in a radioactive wasteland until Day-Koh found him and kept him. It can survive any amount of radioactivity, eats roaches and radioactive waste, and acts kinda like a combination of a cat and guinea pig XD. I originally got the idea for this OC in October 2020, but scrapped it and used the concept for a different (non-Furby) OC which doesnt exist anymore, so in September 2023 I finally made the concept into the weird Furby thing it was meant to be XD. Oh, and its name comes from a very fast music genre, and he was specifically based off of the track Uranoid by Diabarha.



Another one from 2020. He was originally a floating-box-head thingy, now hes basically just a 2012 Furby with a monitor for a face and a cable for a tail. The light blue parts (except for the ears) turn red when he gets angry. Nothing much else to him, but hey, he is a Glitchby I made in 2020 which on itself is very cool imo XD



A long Furby that was experimented on by the scientists. They cut his head off for whatever reason (he cant really feel pain so hes ok dw) and then he got rescued by Day-Koh and they put him back together. He stayed with Day-Koh and its team and now theyre besties and help other Furbz together yay :3 XD

Funny and Snowball

Two Furbish besties!!!! (Furbish as in the Furby fake.)



A natural snowball, but he dyes its hair and fur all the time with a bunch of different colors. She is sort of my self-insert but NOT a sona, he just has some traits that I also have, such as synesthesia, autism and ADHD, his special interests include Object Shows and melodic speedcore music. She likes going on cartoony adventures and getting into wacky situations, usually involving Snowball in it too. Also fun fact, its name was inspired by one of the cats my friends Nina has on her farm (if ur reading this hi bestie!!!!).



A snowball Furbish, as you can tell by her name, and the fact that unlike Funny, she does not dye her fur. Also, she has black eyelids, which some Furbishes actually have, though as far as I know, there arent any known cases of a snowball variant having those. This is just a cartoon OC tho, so it doesnt matter. Snowball is sort of the "voice of reason" in the crazy situations Funny gets both of them into, but she doesnt dislike going on those adventures, shes always happy to be spending time with her best friend. Outside of that, Snowball prefers a way calmer way of life, she mainly enjoys reading and listening to ambient electronic music.



Twister is a mutated Furby that casually works at a bakery in the city. Thats it for them, theyre just living their best life XD



A shapeshifting creature that lives in space. Her default form is a beakless Furby with a mane, but They can also turn into any other animal species (including human), real or fictional (of which most notably a MLP pony or an Algerbralien, usually a Four). Shes made out of some kind of abstract space matter. Personality-wise, they are kinda similar to Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM.



I technically made this OC in 2021 but I actually got the idea in summer of 2020. He is a Furby Connect fake called Newest Interactive Furby (teal variant), and their whole gimmick is that he always takes their ears off before going to sleep and put them in a glass of water for the night XD (since the actual toy has detachable ears).

Mousey and Sunflower

Object OCs again!!!! Also from 2020, and theyre a couple!!!!



An anatomically incorrect computer mouse (I wanted to give him a tail XD).



I got the idea for her after seeing a random sunflower near the Devin castle. Also she has a leaf tail :D (I love giving object OCs tails as you can see lol).



A Foursona (Algebralien) that went through a redesign pretty much every time Id draw them back in the day, but I hope I can finally settle on this one now. His name can be also spelled as Noob, just depends on what you prefer lol. They really like dubstep music. Also, the wings are attached to their arms, kinda like bats or pteranodons have.



Another Foursona, this one is newer tho. Hes just inspired by my synesthesia bc I see the number 4 as red XD